December 2013: Evening

December 03, 2013

One minute and thirty seconds: That's how much daylight, on average, we are losing each day. By December, darkness consumes well more than half of our daily time. But how can we begrudge the darkness when it is filled with such delight? In December, life is lived in the evenings. 

Our December collection has three perfumes perfect for all of our December nights. There's a scent for the quiet evening fireside, with a blanket and book for company. There's a scent for the happy, raucous gatherings of loved ones that ground us and remind us where we come from. And there's a scent for dressing up in our glittery best and heading to parties, full of hope for the new year to come.


Au Lait by DSH Perfumes. This favorite from Boulder-based perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a sweet, gentle, milky concoction. Imagine breathing in the freshly steamed milk on a vanilla latte, and you've just about captured Au Lait.




Night by Sarabecca. Night is an all-natural scent that doesn't capture the essence of nighttime so much as create a warm, shining beacon to cut through the evening darkness. It has a burst of spicy citrus in the top notes, and the ginger and amber glow candle-like on your skin for hours.


Black Angel by Mark Buxton. Black Angel starts with a light, spicy vibration of ginger and jasmine. T he dark sensuality of a styrax-amber accord comes forward, turning Black Angel into a deep, woody beauty at home on a woman or man. It pushes no single note into the spotlight; all notes hold together in a symphony of scent that is more than the sum of its parts.


We hope you love your December scents, and that they bring extra light into your lives at this wonderful time of year. 

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