Imaginary Authors

Whispered Myths

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    Wooden box, pencil shavings and vintage paper are often used to describe this scent. Other adjectives include: unexpected, enticing, and weird but in the best sense of the word. It’s polarizing to some and addictive to others. We are in the latter camp and here’s why. There’s a softness in the dance of the oud and cedar that you just don’t see every day. Ouds typically swing from full-on animalic to soft and suede-like. The natural Cambodian oud (and the expert use of it thanks to Josh Meyer) allows it to sit in the middle of the oud spectrum, making it very wearable, cozy and sensual in the purest of ways. Sweetened with a kiss of honey and muskdana (a.k.a ambrette) while cantaloupe only greets you in the opening for a quick hello, you’ll get a hint of salvaged shipwreck in the briny, salty air.


    Notes include natural cambodian oud, cantaloupe, cedarwood, muskdana, honey, and salvaged shipwreck.

  • Josh Meyer is the creator and perfumer of Imaginary Authors out of Portland, Oregon. Each perfume in his line of gorgeous, quirky scents has an imaginary author to match. Read a  Q&A with Josh  to learn more of the magic behind Imaginary Authors.