Zernell Gillie Fragrances


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    It’s the 1980s – AquaNet is used to make skyscrapers out of mere human hair, and these catchy 4/4 time, electronic beats adorned with UFO sounds are competing for airtime with Paloma Picasso (if you know, you know…). Techno captures all the bright, poppy sparkle laced with warm, spicy nostalgia this era, and its music, will be famous for - seemingly ‘til the end of time. Sweet, warm red fruits are made warmer by a swanky suede and soft pink pepper, and an oh-so-subtle hint of that herbal-spiced-floral vibe that everything in the 80s was well known for smelling like. But it all rests upon a sensual, ambery leather, with a subtle dose of that creamy sandalwood and tonka dream team, encircled by wispy incense tendrils. There’s enough going on in this beautiful and surprising composition for you to smell something new every time, so we recommend playing on repeat. 


    Notes include bergamot, pink pepper, red fruits, sage, saffron, Spanish rockrose, suede, patchouli, lavender, jasmine, tonka bean, leather, amber, sandalwood and incense.

  • Zernell Gillie Fragrances is a music-obsessed, deejay-founded fragrance line making scent out of sound. Meet Zernell on the  BLOG