Jusbox Perfumes

Spring Dance

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      There’s a reason why this is called Spring Dance, because it perfectly fits that description. You pull out of your closet your favorite long linen dress, the one you’ve comfortably worn for years that is not too fitted or flowing but just fits right. The fabric is worn in ever so much that the textile is supple and soft as it caresses you. As you twirl around and feel that feeling of being free, that is what we feel with this fragrance. It feels easy. It feels free. And that feels amazing. The clean, green, florals are fresh and crisp covered in the morning sun of citrus beams of light with a watery edge. Jasmine is not heavy or heady and neroli lovers will rejoice in how well Dominique Ropion plays with the delicacy of this floral-citrus note in the most beautiful of ways. And don’t let the seasonality of the name limit you, lay Spring Dance on your skin in early summer too, it's that beautiful. Tune into the Spring Dance playlist!


      Notes include grapefruit, LMR tunisian rosemary, honeysuckle accord, LMR jasmine sambac absolute, dry amber, and musk.


    • Jusbox Perfumes, an Italian house inspired by musical icons and genres. Spring Dance is created in partnership with Dominique Ropion.