Sarah Baker

Rules of Attraction

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    If the rules of attraction occur when unbeknownst forces collide, then the myriad of florals is at the heart of this collision. All of the white florals swirl majestically as they wrap around the sexy, carnal nature of civet and musk. Aldehydes make it sheer while holding onto its brightness, and an antiqued rosewood makes it utterly suggestive. It’s sexy, sultry, sweaty, and craveable. It starts off vintage and trails into a contemporary lane like an artist’s painting that grows in value with time.


    Notes include cumin, grapefruit, aldehydes, iris, gardenia, jasmine, tuberose, neroli, civet, musk, leather accord, vanilla, and antique rosewood accord.


  • Sarah Baker is a boutique luxury house created out of an East London art studio. Learn more about Sarah Baker Perfumes in our BLOG.