Oud Fool Roses

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      One had to be a "fool" to reinvent Montale's most emblematic fragrance, Roses Musk. This rendition is a seductive, intense, and oriental twist on a timeless classic. Dive into a mystical whirlwind of tangerine and roses, where each note tells an enchanting tale. The Taif rose, a gem of the Middle East, dances in harmony with woody and ambery accords, creating an echo of femininity and mystery. At the heart of this creation, oud wood unfolds its refined magic while white musk rises gracefully thanks to powerful labdanum. Step into the captivating allure of Oud Fool Roses, where mystery meets seduction.  


      Notes include rose, tangerine, taif rose, oud, cashmere wood, musk, amber, and labdanum.

    • Montale is the creation of Pierre Montale, who worked as an official perfumer for the Saudi royal family before returning to Paris to introduce Western perfume lovers to the rich world of Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients.