Libertine Fragrance

Lucky Days

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    Juicy sun piercing through a summery, morning-dew haze. A cut of young, citrus tree bark- green woods, there’s a lemony-orange twinkling in the air. A jasmine-white floral is adrift on the breeze, carrying childhood memories of candied, carefree smiles. Wherever you are, the windows are down. Hear and smell the green grass swaying in the wind, undertones of the earth beneath, as their leafy scent meets your nose, making you wistful. This is dandelions baking in the summer, reflecting the yellow hues back to the sun. This is the scent of vacation memories, moments where all that matters is the horizon before you, when the days are lucky simply because you can feel the breeze.

    Notes include petitgrain, citrus, jasmine, orange blossom, dewy leaves, thyme, vetiver and musk.


  • Josh Smith | Libertine Fragrance
    Libertine Fragrance, a Canadian house by Josh Smith that creates perfume without pretense. Learn more about Libertine Fragrance in our BLOG.