Lucky Candy Sample

    • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

      Standing tall in a radiant pink bottle, if that color had a smell, this would absolutely be it. Sunny, tropical, frangipani floral and sweet honey flirt with fluffy marshmallow musks and the summery sparkle of an invigorating bergamot. A perfect flor-mand example if there ever was one, it’s alluring in its sensuality and expertly crafted in that the candied sweetness is not a sweet trip to the candy shop, but a sugared, sunny, come-hither stare from across the bar.  

      Notes include cocoa beans, bergamot, sweet honey, marshmallow, frangipani, vanilla pods, sweet toffee and dry amber.

    • Montale is the creation of Pierre Montale, who worked as an official perfumer for the Saudi royal family before returning to Paris to introduce Western perfume lovers to the rich world of Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients.