Henny Faire Co.

Lucida Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Let’s go back to our roots. Walk out into nature, feel its silence and forage the earth. Find wild roses and ripe berries peeking from the edges of a trail on a wooded path. The earth crunches beneath your feet as you take a moment and just breathe. The black tea tincture permeates though the Haitian vetiver as leaves of tobacco and milky oolong give you a nudge to connect with nature as much as you can. The world is changing, so let’s remember to be wild and find our roots.


    Notes include ripe red fruit, rosewood, tea leaf, bergamot, milk oolong, Virginia rose, rose de mai, jasmine tea, neroli, black tea tincture, tobacco, Haitian vetiver, and musk.


  • Erica Vinskie of Henny Faire Co.
    HENNY FAIRE Co. is a Pennsylvania house by Erica Vinskie that is inspired by botanical species native to Appalachia. Learn more about HENNY FAIRE Co. in our BLOG.