Scent Trunk

Lime Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    We love collaborations in perfumery and we’ve got an amazing one to share with you. Perfumer Juan M. Pérez was tasked by Scent Trunk to create a fragrance that focuses on an ingredient, lime, while connecting that ingredient to a special place in his heart, his home. Paying homage to his origins in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and the sour green limes grown in Jalisco, he used his perfume sorcery to capture not only the sour lime, but the stunning landscape of blue agave fields, turquoise beaches, salty air of the sea and flora of the rainforest. Agave-sweetened exotic fruits are squeezed into a savory, cleanly-spiced finish in this citrus-oriented, summer-perfect, fragrance.


    Notes include lime, kumquat, pitahaya, blue curacao, mezcal, agave sugar, succulent greens, moonlight cactus flower, sea salt, cilantro, black pepper, driftwood, cedar, ambergris, and musk.

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