Hidden Habits

  • Try a sample first! 

    Smashing Pumpkins on the radio, as you drive to meet your friends at the mall in your oversized t-shirt and distressed leather jacket. It’s the 90s, full of stories told about baggy jeans, sneaking out for late-night campfires, and poorly masked cigarette smoke before your parents got home. A scent about trying to hide bad habits, a light dose of a familiar, ambery wintergreen, and cloud-soft floral jasmine do their best to put a halo around addictive, boozy tobacco, sensual musks, and the smell of leather that holds endless stories. But try as we may have to hide all our mischievousness, we’re all grown up. And now it just smells like comfy nostalgia that we can wear and share anytime.


    Notes include thyme, clean mint, jasmine, golden amber, smoky woods, leather, tobacco, woody musk and vanilla.

  • Temporal, the LA based, no-fuss niche house by Carter Branch, creating scent journeys through memories and moments in time. Meet Carter and learn his story on our BLOG