Fougeres Marine

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      Greener than green, fresher than fresh, cool as a cucumber, and with a stunning depth, Montale is known for its massive lineup of fragrances that are universally appealing, but with a skilled composition that belies just how oh-so-easy they are to wear. Sparkling aquatic notes wash over a dense, marshy, oakmoss green that provides the fertile earth for aromatic, masculine florals (What? Guys have worn florals since days of old, why stop now?) of lavender and geranium to bloom on the salty breeze. What comes together is a crisp and shimmering, beautifully boggy bouquet that is just as refreshing as it is emboldening. The classy fougére gets a major upgrade with a dose of realism you’ve likely not smelled before – and we couldn’t be happier Montale waded into these waters.  


      Notes include sea water, oakmoss, lavender, geranium, patchouli and musk.

    • Montale is the creation of Pierre Montale, who worked as an official perfumer for the Saudi royal family before returning to Paris to introduce Western perfume lovers to the rich world of Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients.