Wit & West

Fleur Du Riad

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    Escape to a budding and blooming riad in Morocco at the end of the day, away from the energetic hustle of an all-too-amazing city. The wood and greens of orange trees gently sway in the breezeway, mere feet from your nose. White floral petals lend their sweet, half-citrus, milky sensuality to the air. You can almost smell a dry, evening sun beaming down, giving the greens and woods a warm groundedness. While a homage to classic eau de cologne freshness, the massive dose of soothing sensuality found here will have you drifting through Marrakesh with a sly smile, any time you choose.

    Notes include Moroccan neroli, green mandarin, orange blossom, jasmine, vetiver and oakmoss.

  • Wit & West, an all-natural perfume house by Colorado husband and wife team, Whitney Swales + Rob Westendorf .