Dark Aoud

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    It's not hard to see why this is the favorite Montale of so many Montale aficionados. Dark Aoud is darkness penetrated by a flicker of hot light, like a candle glowing in the chambers of an Egyptian pharaoh. It features the signature medicinal sharpness of oud, but only briefly--after that, get ready for a mysterious journey through the herbal spiciness of saffron and the earthiness of vetiver. When you arrive at the dry down, you're enveloped in a creamy, smooth sandalwood as the darkness lifts into light. Notes include Indian sandalwood, oud, black pepper, saffron, vetiver, teak, leather, and grey amber.  
  • Montale is the creation of Pierre Montale, who worked as an official perfumer for the Saudi royal family before returning to Paris to introduce Western perfume lovers to the rich world of Middle Eastern perfumery ingredients.
  • Dark Aoud, like all of the oud scents in the Montale line, was inspired by creator Pierre Montale's love of Middle Eastern perfumery.