Friendly Fur

Á Rebours

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    When an animalic chypre meets the lush green vein of wild black roses, violets and ferns growing under old oak trees, you get a combination of natural sensuality with fresh and distinct aromas of a forest that sits on the edge of an urban landscape titillating against a dark night sky. This very avant-garde concoction by French perfumer Mark Buxton pushes the boundaries of familiarity and forces you to dive into the unknown trusting it will take you somewhere you never knew existed. In a fairytale land of rolling hills, hidden meadows, and naughty secret pathways, you walk barefoot on the lush green, wet and damp layers of earth as a German red fox meets you at the end of the trail. When you then uncover in the mystery of this liquid is a distinct sense of peacefulness; in your mind and on your skin.


    Notes include bergamot, freesia, galbanum, violet leaf, orange blossom, green mandarin, cardamom, tagetes, black rose, magnolia, jasmine, leather, caraway, osmanthus, carnation, oak moss, patchouli, civet, castoreum, musk, ambergris, cedar, and vanilla.

  • Founded in 2007, Friendly Fur is a Berlin-based fashion house by Nikolas Gleber that respects the environment through a responsible and natural approach using vintage fur in design objects, accessories and fragrances.