Meet Danielle

Hello fragrance fans, perfumistas and lovers of all things scented!

Meet Danielle FlemingMy name is Danielle Fleming and I am the proud new owner of Olfactif! Acquired in May of 2018 from its founder Tara Swords of Chicago, IL., Olfactif now finds its home in Scranton, PA -- yes, home of the TV sitcom, The Office. You may be wondering how and why this happened and those are simple.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                I jumped at the opportunity to take the helm of my favorite subscription box because I believe in the vision Tara set forth in 2013 of making niche fragrances accessible and available to everyone in an easy and exciting sampling experience. I also believe this platform is extraordinary for perfumers, new and seasoned, to share their talent with all of you.

You also may be wondering who I am, so here's a little bit about me. I have been in the fragrance industry since my early twenties and found myself here because of my studies in the psychology of scent as a graduate student at Marywood University. I wanted to become a psychologist who prescribed scent instead of medication, using this as an complimentary treatment modality to talk therapy. My fascination with the powerful affects of aroma on mood and behavior lead me to launch my own fragrance brand, Note Fragrances.

Before this, I founded another scent inspired company and worked for one of the top fragrance houses in in the world, Firmenich. I have had the pleasure of experiencing all aspects of fragrance from curation and formulation to marketing, consumer insights and distribution.

My entire career has been in the beautiful world of fragrance. With that being said, the purpose of this introduction is twofold. One, is for you to get to know me, the woman behind Olfactif, and two, for me to get to know you!

Since May, some of you may have seen little changes here and there. We swapped out scent strips to experiential scent cards, ones where you can write your thoughts and impressions of each fragrance (perfect for future referencing). We injected some excitement in our social media presence with daily postings and features. And we brought on 5 new houses for you to experience, 2 of them are in the November Collection, Olfactory NYC and Natura Brasil.

But this is just the beginning! Each month we are looking at ways to give you the best experience possible and I want to hear from you!

Because of you, I am here. Because of you, we exist, and I would love to chat with you! I developed the Olfactif Think Tank. A group that is free to join where you become my advisory board. From surveys, focus groups, and idea generation (with rewards and prizes), this is the place to be a part of the conversation. Join the Think Tank HERE.

Are you excited?! Hopefully by now you are and you have gotten to know a little bit about me. If you really want to dig in, check out my Q and A with Olfactif in 2015 when my fragrance, Midnight Leather, was in the October Collection! You can also find me weighing in on hot fragrance topics with Elle and Cosmopolitan Magazines. 

Last but certainly not least, I want to hear from you! Feel free to reach out directly to me at anytime. Whether you have concerns or questions, ideas or requests, I'm here. Feel free to send a virtual high five too :-)

You can find me at and I look forward to sharing the amazing talent of niche perfume with you for many years to come!

For the love of scent,