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By the time you pick up a bottle of perfume in a department store, there are a dozen layers—focus groups, product managers, marketers—between you and the person who originally dreamed it up and first mixed it by hand. But when you pick up a bottle of niche perfume, you're holding the creative expression of an artist whose medium is the molecule. You're holding a creation built with passion, thought, excitement, and care—made for the love of the art with an uncompromising vision. 


Dame Perfumery Scottsdale

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Smell Bent
Featured scent:  St. Tropez Dispenser
Read a Q&A with Brent

Profumi del Forte
Featured scent:  Tirrenico

Ramon Monegal
Featured scent: Cherry Musk
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Tauer Perfumes
Featured scent:  Cologne du Maghreb
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Q&A with Andy  
Jardins d'Écrivains
Featured scent:  Wilde
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Imaginary Authors
Featured scent:  Mosaic
Read a Q&A with Josh


S Poncet
Featured scent: Eau Eternelle
Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger
Featured scent: Figue Fruitée

DSH Perfumes
Featured scent: Pamplemousse

Profumi del Forte
Featured scent: Versilia Vintage Boisé
Parfum d'Empire
Featured scent: Azemour les Orangers
Tauer Perfumes
Featured scent: L'air du Desert Marocain


Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Featured scent:  Perfect Nectar
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Parfums Rétro
Featured scent: Grand Cuir
Read a Q&A with Jeffrey
People of the Labyrinths
Featured scent:  Luctor et Emergo


Maison Ginestet
Featured scent:  Botrytis
Featured scent:  Mimosa Pour Moi
Parfums DelRae
Featured scent:  Mythique
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Ulrich Lang New York
Featured scent:  Lightscape

Featured scent:  Field Notes from Paris
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Maison Mona di Orio
Featured scent:  Violette Fumée
Read a  Q&A with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

DSH Perfumes
Featured scent:  Au Lait
Read a Q&A with Dawn 
Featured scent: Night

Mark Buxton
Featured scent: Black Angel
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L'Artisan Parfumeur
Featured scent:  Dzing!


Neela Vermeire Créations
Featured scent: Ashoka
Read a  Q&A with Neela

Ramon Monegal
Featured scent: Cuirelle
Read a Q&A with Ramon



Eau de Yosh
Featured scent: U4EAHH!
Read a Q&A with Yosh
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Smell Bent
Featured scent: Walk of Shame
Read a Q&A with Brent: Coming soon
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Imaginary Authors
Featured scent: Cape Heartache
Read a Q&A with Josh
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S Poncet
Featured scent:  Pleasant Promenade
Read a  Q&A with Sabine

Olympic Orchids
Featured scent: Siam Proun
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Anat Fritz
Featured scent: Tzora
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Providence Perfume Co.
Featured scent: Branch & Vine
Read a Q&A with Charna
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Jardins d'Écrivains
Featured scent: Gigi
Read a Q&A with Anaïs
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Featured scent: Eau Sans Pareil
Read a Q&A with Beverley
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Sarah Horowitz Parfums
Featured scent: Perfect Coconut Milk
Read a Q&A with Sarah
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Featured scent: White Classic Edition
Read a Q&A with Patrice
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Neela Vermeire Créations
Featured scent: Bombay Bling
Read a Q&A with Neela
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Featured scent: Eau Nomade
Read a Q&A with Jean-Christophe Le Greves
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Tommi Sooni
Featured scent: Eau de Tommi Sooni II
Read a Q&A with Steven
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Maison Mona di Orio
Featured scent: Eau Absolue
Read a Q&A with Jeroen Oude Sogtoen
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Featured scent: After My Own Heart
Read a Q&A with Ineke
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Parfums DelRae
Featured scent: Début
Read a Q&A with DelRae
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Maria Candida Gentile
Featured scent: Cinabre
Read a Q&A with Maria
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Laurie Erickson
Featured scent: Fig Tree
Read a Q&A with Laurie
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Imaginary Authors
Featured scent: The Soft Lawn
Read a Q&A with Josh
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L'Artisan Parfumeur
Featured scent: Voleur de Roses
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