Rosy & Earnest

Pistachio Delight

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    Scrumptious and utterly realistic, the roasted pistachio note is the star of the show here. Nutty and blonde-green, it blends perfectly with intense woods and gorgeous gourmands of vanilla absolute and rich musks. Adding in pistacia lentiscus oil, we can feel the earthy radiance shine through with a sweet and balsamic undertone. Clean yet warm, Pistachio Delight truly is a delight to wear. An approachable, skin-scent, you can wear this day or evening and, in any season, or climate. Versatile and comforting, you’re going to love pistachio in a whole new light.


    Notes include bergamot, pink berries, roasted pistachio chips, pistacia lentiscus oil, intense woods, vanilla, gourmand notes, and musk.

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