Jardin Exclusif

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      Mancera has a way of making the common, noticeably uncommon. While fruity florals have dominated the perfume shelves for quite some time, the balance in this one is not something you see often. The shimmering gold and yellow bottle itself even looks like a found gem. And the juice inside? Fruit flutters everywhere, but you can never put your finger on which ones they are. Dripping, yet effervescent flowers lend their sweetness to the basket of fruits (yes that’s the actual accord) and the musky vanilla sweetness we see so often, here, just wraps the whole mélange in a quilt of warm, candied, freshly laundered sweetness. And just when you think you reached the drydown... wait? Is that citrus? Perfume pyramid officially inverted. Welcome to a very exclusive garden.

      Notes include basket of fruits, sweet candy, jasmine, rose, violet, sandalwood, vanilla and white musk.

    • Mancera was created to showcase the finest ingredients commonly found in Arab perfumes.