House of James


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    A celestial adventure unfolds as radiant beams of bergamot, mandarin, and citrus paint a sunlit landscape. This olfactory journey transcends time, moving from citrus on the nose to mysterious amber and solar accords, creating an enchanted cosmic tapestry. As the wearer ventures through this aromatic odyssey, tobacco and champaca notes add depth, weaving a tale of luminous exploration under the benevolent gaze of the sun. Escape into this daring voyage of sun, solar and light, the heart of a bright and fresh cosmic realm awaits you.


    Notes include mandarin, lavender, champaca, green tea, oakmoss .


  • House of James creates uniquely inspired unisex fragrances. Pushing boundaries and creating compositions that are both wearable and exciting. Their aim is to create fragrances that turn heads and intrigue the people around you.