Juliette Has A Gun


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    The popularity of cherry notes has been on the scene the last few years and we love seeing Juliette Has A Gun’s newest fragrance, Juliette, join this lineup. Not a juicy or overly fruity cherry, the cherry here is less about the fruit and more about the origins of the cherry and the tree limbs it hangs from. What do we mean by that? Imagine lying down in a cherry grove, looking up at the night sky with your eyes closed. Take all of that in and you’ll see that the cherry is dark, tart and dense with ripened juices. Intertwine some pink pepper and an overdose of Cashmeran, the seductive and soft depth of this fragrance now falls upon you. Add in an infusion of JHAG’s signature DNA of femininity and sexy sophistication, your skin is ready for hours on those nights you want to stand out from the crowd.. 

    Notes include dark cherry, pink pepper, cashmere flower, jasmine absolute, ambroxan, and tonka bean.  

  • Initiated into the world of fashion by his great grandmother Nina and to perfumery by his grandfather Robert, creator of the famous perfume L’air du Temps, Romano Ricci has been surrounded by fashion and creation since childhood. Ricci decided to marry his family’s heritage with his own modern vision of perfumery. After a four-year apprenticeship in perfumery, he persuaded Francis Kurkdjian, master perfumer, to work with him in creating Juliette Has A Gun. The brand envisions a Shakespeare's Juliette as a modern woman who uses perfume as a weapon of seduction.