Henny Faire Co.


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      Poncirus trifolata – the Flying Dragon, the hardy orange. However, this is no shy citrus, as it’s known to be teeming with carnal floral notes. Here, self-taught perfumer Erica Vinskie captures it under glass in all its juicy, sweet, and slightly scandalous glory. You’re greeted with a bitter, yet succulent aura, and a sunny green so photorealistic you can feel it on your tongue with each inhale. But as the cheerful summeriness fades, a curtain is pulled back on an opulent, sultry floral, that duets with a wet soil/wild mushroom undercurrent that makes the carnality of the floral have all the more bite. It all floats on a fruit-tinged, cloudy musk, held to earth by a grounded, ghostly gorgeous sandalwood. Close your eyes, reach out a hand, and you’ll swear you’re about to grab a leathery, waxy, fresh orange peel, giving to your touch, as it’s plucked off a nearby branch with a soft pop, a rustling jolt of green leaves, and crackling branches.


      Notes include mandarin, neroli, gardenia, orchard fruit, tomato leaf absolute, basmati rice tincture, wild mushroom tincture, fruit-faceted musk, blonde patchouli and sandalwood.


    • Erica Vinskie of Henny Faire Co.
      HENNY FAIRE Co. is a Pennsylvania house by Erica Vinskie that is inspired by botanical species native to Appalachia. Learn more about HENNY FAIRE Co. in our BLOG.