Olympic Orchids


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    Art and Olfaction Awards 2015 Winner! Woodcut conjures up dark images of ancient trees inhabited by spirits from a time when the earth was new, the flowing sap of felled trees, and the burnt sugar of the trees’ blood when it is heated by the saws of lumbermen and builders. The inspiration for this fragrance came when perfumer Dr. Ellen Covey passed a building site where old trees had been newly cut. She found the scent of cut wood intoxicatingly beautiful and primitive, juxtaposed against the violence done to the earth in the name of progress. Notes include cedar, pine, oak, tolu balsam, olibanum (frankincense), caramel, burnt sugar, and vanilla.
  • Ellen Covey is a scientist who became fascinated enough with orchids to start her own orchid nursery in the Pacific Northwest—and then became fascinated enough with the scent of orchids to launch her own perfume line. Since starting Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes, Covey has won accolades for her orchid-inspired perfumes and branched out to create numerous other scents, many inspired by the places that her global travels have taken her. Read an  interview with Ellen or learn more at  www.olympicorchidsperfume.com
  • Woodcut is partly an ode to nature and partly a warning call to humans about the perils of deforestation.