Incident Diplomatique

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    We often find that there are vetiver lovers and those that are unsure of what vetiver really smells like. Yet no matter where you sit on the vetiver spectrum, this fragrance allows the novice and the aficionado to come together in deep appreciation of this naturally derived ingredient. How, you ask? The answer is the use of two distinctly different vetivers. With the infusion of both Javanese, the bolder, smokier, leather-like vetiver, and its cousin, Haitian vetiver, the greener, sweeter, light-bodied and somewhat floral vetiver, this earthy marriage gives us a well-balanced vetiver dominant fragrance. Spiced by nutmeg and coiled by patchouli, it’s dark, bold, mysterious and powerful with a swagger that is both sexy and confident.


    Notes include mandarin orange, haitian vetiver, java vetiver, nutmeg, patchouli, and sandalwood.

  • In black and white, sometimes gold, often red, JOVOY draws its graphic and aesthetic codes from the spirit of the times. The perfume house, based on rue de Castiglione in Paris, never loses sight of its founding principles: rarity, discoveries, wonder, nuances, joy, bias, loyalty, elegance, sensitivity, and an inexhaustible curiosity that its founder François Hénin and his long-time partners deploy in a contagious manner towards a market in perpetual evolution.