Juliette Has A Gun

Moscow Mule

  • Try a sample first!

    A burst of zesty lime and fresh bergamot peel opens this bubbly fragrance. But the wait is where the real excitement hides. As top notes evaporate, we are pulled into the dry woods of the molecular note, norlimbanol. This powerhouse molecule offers a very dry, woody scent with touches of patchouli and amber while the apple essence eases the transition from top to base notes. Give another sniff and you’ll even smell the copper mug in this cocktail-inspired fragrance. 


    Notes include bergamot, ginger, lime, apple essence, jasmine, norlimbanol, ambretolide, and ambroxan.

  • Initiated into the world of fashion by his great grandmother Nina and to perfumery by his grandfather Robert, creator of the famous perfume L’air du Temps, Romano Ricci has been surrounded by fashion and creation since childhood. Ricci decided to marry his family’s heritage with his own modern vision of perfumery. After a four-year apprenticeship in perfumery, he persuaded Francis Kurkdjian, master perfumer, to work with him in creating Juliette Has A Gun. The brand envisions a Shakespeare's Juliette as a modern woman who uses perfume as a weapon of seduction.