Pink MahogHany

SexYÖUality Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Love is all there is, in this sensuous solution. From sparkling, fruit-crisped champagne, plush white floral bouquets, sumptuous strawberries, and mouth-watering chocolates, this bottle has captured everything we’ve come to associate with indulgent affection. Gourmand as all get-out, but graciously hugged close by a cozy warmth of cashmere woods and sweet vanilla comfort. Big and bold, but as gentle as a lover’s touch, we recommend applying liberally… and falling for yourself. Winner of Best Unisex Fragrance + Fragrance of The Year - 2023 Pinappos Awards and the bottle has green peridot crystals at the bottom (Chavalia's birthstone mineral) to infuse each bottle with love and light, as SexYÖUality was created during the time that she allowed herself to open back up to love after divorce.


    Notes include strawberry, coconut, champagne, fig, white floral, rose, tobacco, New Caledonian sandalwood, vanilla, warm woods and salted chocolate.

  • Pink MahogHany Fragrances, a Texas-based house by Chavalia Mwamba. Learn more about Pink MahogHany Fragrances in our BLOG.