House of James

Sun King

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    Orangeries, dedicated rooms similar to conservatories with the purpose of protecting precious citrus trees from the howling voice of winter, became the inspiration for Sun King by Australian design house, House of James. Sun King, referencing Louis XIV, takes you inside the Orangeries of France to find mandarin trees blanketed by soft, woolen layers at their base, cradled like a tree of prized diamonds. The sun becomes the light, the warmth, the salvation for the trees, nurturing them by the power of its beams. As you wear it, the brightness of encased citruses of mandarin and bergamot shine though at first, but it’s the warmth of the sun found in the layers of Sun King that keeps us coming back for more. It’s a soft, protective warmth, where black agar, a reconstitution of agarwood, renders its beauty through softness, surrounded by gentle florals and tender woods. There is a protection in this fragrance through its warmth and subtly that has us yearning to be held.


    Notes include sicilian mandarin, french bergamot, green tea, oriental accords, black agar, and floral woods.

  • House of James creates uniquely inspired unisex fragrances. Pushing boundaries and creating compositions that are both wearable and exciting. Their aim is to create fragrances that turn heads and intrigue the people around you.