Histoires de Parfums

Noir Patchouli

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    A crimson rose sits on top of a sensuous leathered patchouli note as Noir ‘black’ patchouli opens up the gates to this dark, sultry and oh-so spiced fragrance. Warning: don’t evaluate this solely based on a blotter/scent strip; it has to be worn on skin to fully appreciate. The rose note falls into the background quickly as an ambry patchouli emerges with a soapy musk feel giving it a skin-soaked retro vibe. The leather note softens with wear as a dusty coriander floats in and out. Deep, sexy, and vintage, there’s mystery hidden inside.


    Notes include patchouli, coriander, cardamom, bunch of flowers, berries, musk, leather, and vanilla.

  • Histoires de Parfums, founded by Gérald Ghislain, is a French perfume house dedicated to creating an olfactive library that tells the stories of "famous characters, raw materials, and mythical years." Ghislain founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 after completing his training at ISIPCA.