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    Discernment: A state of being at any giving moment in your life. A gut feeling of knowing when and where to do something, say something, or to project yourself in a particular way...positively, correctly, negatively...embracing all of it and taking ownership for yourself. This fragrance is that state of being--a quiet confidence, a sense of ease, that is intriguing and alluring at the same time. It's seductive, mysterious, and illuminating with a subtle sense of comfort and warmth. Associated with the heart chakra, Discernment is formulated with Indonesian patchouli, a woodier, earthier, more refined, less smoky patchouli.


    Notes include pink pepper,  caledonia sandalwood, indonesian patchouli, virginia cedarwood, Moroccan jasmine, musk, ambergris, amber and geranium.


  • Dale Gerard

    Dale Gerard searched for his calling for most of his life, looking to combine his love a creation and processes, which eventually lead him to the realization that he needed to create his own line of fine fragrances. His goal was to have his scents seem as though every time you wore the scents it felt like the first time. Partnering with IFF Senior Perfumer Pascal Gaurin, he created his namesake brand, DALEGERARD, based out of New York City. Read our feature of DALEGERARD on our blog