15 Travel Size

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    Close your eyes and picture the ocean, the cool salted air wafting past your nose. Now imagine digging your bare naked hands into dark, damp freshly tilled soil after a long rainstorm. Got that? Now breathe in 15 (Foreverness) and see why it was a 2019 Art + Olfaction Award finalist. Erase the boundaries of convention and let this sit on your skin the way smashed green animalic rose petals lay upon moss-covered logs of wet sandalwood, an ode to “Foreverness” on a wedded day.


    Notes include green leaves, rose de mai, sea salt air, amyris, sandalwood, patchouli, wet soil, moss and a faintly spicy, and woody musk.

  • OSM, Olfactive Sense Memory is a Nashville-based house by Kyle Mott-Kannenburg. He creates genderless perfumes that reignite the best of times. OSM names thier fragrances based on numbers that are visceral collages of deeply personal experience for Kyle. Their eliciting themes range from launching ourselves into adulthood, to lunging ourselves at the loves of our lives. From summoning the spirit of our sexual awakening, to conjuring up our most free-spirited selves. OSM is worn by the reformed hedonist, still burning with the inner lust of their wilder times, though now enjoying life with a more refined, sophisticated palette. Learn more about OSM in our BLOG.