June 30, 2020

There’s something so sexy about having a secret only you and your lover know about, a little something you do just for them each day. That’s the allure of skin scents, perfumes that keep a low profile, sit softly, close to you and your skin.

Skin scents are having a bit of a moment right now, thanks in part to DSH Perfume’s
Avocado Toast , featured in the Women’s 2020 June Collection. A take on the trendy brunch dish, this cult-following fragrance is the latest skin scent to capture fragrance lovers’ noses. 

Instead of announcing when you enter a room, skin scents are meant to be enjoyed only by someone intimate enough to lean in close.

In essence, skin scents elevate and enhance the smell of our own skin. The opposite of big, bombastic fragrances, skin scents have very little sillage. Like any perfume, you can find skin scents that lean into fresh, clean notes to evoke freshly clean skin, or they can embrace more animalic, musky notes for a deep, sexy feel. 

“There's nothing that prevents them from being florals or orientals "in the letter of the law", so to speak. The sun tan lotion note for instance is technically a tropical reference, usually married to wild white flowers, yet fragrances sporting it aim to smell like your skin while sunbathing,” a Perfume Shrine blog post about skin scents reads. “Another quirky category with lots of potential would be "mineral," abstract fragrances with a nuance of warm stones, sand, salt notes or ambergris.” 

Avocado Toast , for example, has warm buttery notes that mimic sun-warmed skin, and uses sandalwood and sheer musks to anchor the delicate notes. Together with notes of wheat and avocado, DSH manages to evoke warm, green notes.


We all love spraying, right---but how about a luxurious body oil? Soft, sensual, flirting with aromas of jasmine, ginger and rose? Jasminum by Jazmin Sarai is as beautiful as it is sensual. New Man Musk by Dame Perfumery gives a clean, fresh out-of-the-shower feel.

For the feminine side of a skin scent, try Riley by Olfactory NYC for a kiss of a sandalwood infusion or Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz for a feminine, musk-centered skin scent. We also adore Lace by Sarah Baker, for a salty, musky, creamy skin-like feel with white petaled jasmine and ambroxan for a slightly animalic vibe.

Want to get your skin ready for these skin scents? Have you tried the products "for down there" by Fur, yet? We all love to spray our wrists, neck and behind the ears for fragrance application, but have you sprayed close to your nether regions?? No judgement here! Prep your "area" with Fur, let's face it, all of our skin needs a little love!

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