May 2017 for Men: European Tour

May 01, 2017

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Modern perfumery was born in Europe, so it’s no surprise that the continent still produces such magnificent olfactory art. This month, we’re taking a tour of Western Europe via three of its finest houses.

Our first selection from a French perfumer is like the woods just before a thunderstorm crashes through the electric air. And you'll quickly see why we shortened its long, literary name.  Read more...

Our second selection is a rich, sueded leather scent from a Spanish master perfumer. An astonishingly good scent for cool evenings.  Read more...

Our third selection is a salty, herbal  citrus scent from an Italian perfumer on the Tuscan coast. If your idea of a perfect beach scent conjures rocky cliffs and wild grasses along the coastline rather than suntan lotion and fruity drinks, this one is for you.  Read more...

Enjoy the journey! 



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