June 2017 Unisex: Orange and Gold

June 01, 2017

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Blame it on summer fever, but we can't get enough of golden, orange tones everywhere. They're the perfect colors for just about everything this season: clothes, fresh-squeezed juices, swoon-worthy sunsets -- and, of course, perfumes. Our selections this month all feature inspiration from this vibrant part of the color spectrum, so how could we resist?

It used to be a Neiman Marcus exclusive, but now we've got it -- and are we ever happy about it. Pure Mariposa by Ramon Monegal is such a lush, joyful scent, and the perfumer's reference to butterflies has us envisioning the orange wings of a monarch flashing against a blue sky. (We see what you did there, Ramon, and we like it.) Read more...

Not just gold -- The Gold, by The Sum. This is a brand new release from the Portland, Oregon, house, and you're getting it before it's available anywhere else. Even if you're excited, you still won't understand how lucky you are until you get this stunning fragrance in your mailbox. Read more...

After living in Japan for years, Perfumer Maria McElroy brought home a distinctly Japanese aesthetic -- and she applies it to her perfumes, both inside and out. Geisha Hana-Cha by Aroma M is an olfactory ode to jasmine tea, that delicate, orange-golden cup of goodness that calms the senses. Read more...

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