October 2015: Falling

October 01, 2015

What does it mean to fall? It implies something we can’t help. I fell down. Something that just happened. I fell in love. Sometimes it’s a thing we regret— I can’t believe I fell for it—and sometimes it’s a thing we would do a thousand times over— I fell for you—if only time would let us.

Fall, the season, embodies all of those meanings. It’s when the leaves fall down, brilliant as jewels. We fall for nature’s trick of beauty, just before she turns cold and less welcoming. We fall in love with warmer, cozier base notes to stave off the chill. That’s why we chose these three scents for our October unisex collection—and we hope you fall for them, too. Subscribe now. 

Autumn from Dasein is constructed around the quintessentially seasonabl cinnamon bark—but don't expect to find a gourmand in Autumn. Here, cinnamon bark is dry and sharp like spicy air floating through a cold wood, before gradually softening into a cozy, warm dry down that makes for a comforting end to an invigorating journey. Read more...


Intense Café from Montale is less about the coffee than about the café. Imagine it: on a little Paris street lined with flowers, the cool morning air outside, and you're bathed in the sun's glow with your hands wrapped around a warm cup. Read more...

Geisha Noire
from Aroma M is a deeply rich, luxurious scent that calls to mind a Far East bazaar. It glows with the warmth of amber and is accented with a swirl of smoke and spice. Read more...

We admit it: We're more than a little obsessed about this month's collection. The temperatures have dropped, and these three beauties know their moment has arrived. Not subscribed? Sign up by October 15 to get your hands on this collection—and to get $18 off each full bottle you buy.



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