February 2017 Unisex: Not What It Seems

We learn when we’re young that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The idiom holds true for perfume, too. This month, we feature three scents that might seem to be one thing but really are something else entirely. Read more...


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February 2017 for Men: 007

This month, we’re channeling an iconic man of mystery: the 007 himself. It doesn’t matter whether he’s chasing a villain down the side of a mountain or dressed to the nines in a tuxyou know he just smells good. Read more...


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January 2017 Unisex: Purple

We often talk about scents in terms of the colors they bring to mind. In this collection, we’re seeing beautiful shades of purple. Read more...

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January 2017 for Men: Shortcuts

It's amazing how a feel invisible molecules can make you feel so different. This month, three scents that transport you directly to different times, places, and feelings. Read more...

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A Conversation with The Sum

From their studio in Portland, Oregon, the small team behind The Sum works from a simple point of view: The things we put on our bodies and allow to touch our skin affect us deeply. Anyone who has ever felt the way a certain perfume can provide an instant boost of confidence or a wash of tranquility understands what they mean.

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December 2016 Unisex: 'Tis the Season

First, cozy up! We start with a delectable gourmand that echoes the gatherings of the season. Food, family, and friends. Second, we feature a sparkling rose that’s perfect for holiday parties and a night out on New Year’s Eve, when we all resolve to make ourselves—and the world—better. Third, we have the scent of optimism in a perfume unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. It’s peaceful and harmonious—exactly how we want the new year to be.

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December 2016 for Men: December Around the World

This month, we’re headed to some magical places. Ready?

First, we head to a quiet, snow-covered, evergreen forest by Lake Tahoe, where smoke swirls upwind. Then we visit a tiny French atelier, where the old proprietor tans leather and smokes a pipe. Finally, we head to the sunny sands of Rio. (Because December might be cold for you, but remember that Brazilians spend it on the beach. Jealous much?)

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