November 2014: Fireside

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A Q&A with Kelly Jones

November 14, 2014

Kelly Jones didn't know it was a faux pas to wear perfume to a wine tasting event. (In fact, we didn't even know that.) And lucky for us she broke the rules, because it inspired her to quit her job, follow her passion, and create a delightful line of perfumes that otherwise wouldn't exist.


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November 2014: Fireside

November 03, 2014

We might groan about the dropping temperatures and biting winds, but it's hard to ignore that we can do so while snuggled under a heavy knit blanket, cocooned in a fleece robe, or stretched in front of a fireplace. And when the solution is this wonderful, how bad can the problem be?



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Smelling Through The Ages

October 20, 2014

You had a completely functioning olfactory system when you were just 12 weeks in utero. Crazy, right? And things get better from there--until they start to go downhill way too soon. Follow your nose and come with us as we chart the development and denouement of our most mysterious sense.


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October 2014: A Change In The Air

October 01, 2014

Our October 2014 collection, A Change In The Air, reflects the rich variety of fall-perfect scents. It starts with a gorgeous daytime fragrance that echoes the sun and warmth of early fall afternoons and progresses into deeper, richer scents that come alive in the cool night air. 


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