September 2014: That Which We Call A Rose

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A Q&A with Ann Gérard, Creator of Rose Cut

September 30, 2014

There's nothing better than an inspiring artistic mashup, and here's one we don't see often: perfume inspired by gemstones.After years of designing jewelry for bespoke clients and high-end brands, Parisian jeweler Ann Gérard branched her business into perfume. The result of her clear vision—and her choice of Bertrand Duchaufour as nose—is a line of perfumes beloved by scent fanatics and critics alike.We spoke with Gérard about how she became inspired to create perfumes, her design aesthetic, and the creation of the unusual Rose Cut, a selection in the Olfactif That Which We Call A Rose collection.Olfactif: How did you come to be a jeweler?Ann Gérard: I always wanted to be a jeweler. When I was a small girl, my father used...

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September 2014: That Which We Call A Rose

August 31, 2014

This month's collection celebrates the versatility of the rose in three modern settings. Let go of your preconceptions; these aren't your grandmother's prim, powdery roses, and they aren't all-feminine frills, either. These are three very different, wildly loved rose-centered masterpieces that feature the iconic flower in ways you might never have experienced.


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Dame Perfumery Scottsdale: A Q&A with Jeffrey Dame

August 14, 2014

In this interview with Jeffrey Dame, we talk about the vibe he's communicating with Dame Perfumery Scottsdale, why he wants to people to enjoy and not over-analyze scent, the olfactory playground he's creating for a concept store in Scottsdale, and how you can get your hands on his upcoming unisex release of the gorgeous Black Flower Mexican Vanilla. 


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August 2014: The Good Life

August 01, 2014

When we heard that Jeffrey Dame, a longtime perfume industry insider, was about to launch a new line of fragrances, we were intrigued. Dame is an expert at developing well-thought-out concepts and creatively building around them. I was sure that we would feature one of Jeffrey's scents at some point, because how could we not love one of them? 

And then the samples landed on my desk.

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