October 2014: A Change In The Air

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Smelling Through The Ages

October 20, 2014

You had a completely functioning olfactory system when you were just 12 weeks in utero. Crazy, right? And things get better from there--until they start to go downhill way too soon. Follow your nose and come with us as we chart the development and denouement of our most mysterious sense.


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October 2014: A Change In The Air

October 01, 2014

Our October 2014 collection, A Change In The Air, reflects the rich variety of fall-perfect scents. It starts with a gorgeous daytime fragrance that echoes the sun and warmth of early fall afternoons and progresses into deeper, richer scents that come alive in the cool night air. 


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A Q&A with Ann Gérard, Creator of Rose Cut

September 30, 2014

After years of designing jewelry for bespoke clients and high-end brands, Parisian jeweler Ann Gérard branched her business into perfume. The result of her clear vision—and her choice of Bertrand Duchaufour as nose—is a line of perfumes beloved by scent fanatics and critics alike.


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September 2014: That Which We Call A Rose

August 31, 2014

This month's collection celebrates the versatility of the rose in three modern settings. Let go of your preconceptions; these aren't your grandmother's prim, powdery roses, and they aren't all-feminine frills, either. These are three very different, wildly loved rose-centered masterpieces that feature the iconic flower in ways you might never have experienced.


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