White Classic Edition sample

  • The fact that Undergreen White Classic Edition is a gorgeous, sheer, sparkling, chic floral is more than enough reason to fall for it. But in addition to those things, it's also 100% natural. Created in Grasse alongside the world's finest fragrances, White and the rest of the Undergreen line represent a rethinking of niche, using master perfumers and the best natural ingredients to create sophisticated, nuanced perfumes that are sold in the most exclusive boutiques in the world. White, one of the first in the Undergreen line, is a perfume of dazzling range with a bouquet of white flowers as its centerpiece. Cooling coconut and mint cut through the summer heat, and a warm, woody base grounds this all-natural composition with surprising depth. When it's summer in the city, forget that oppressive little black dress; this is the little  white  dress (or shirt—yes, White is for the gentlemen, too) that will keep you cool very cool. White includes a 100% natural blend of organically derived aldehydes, white mint, coconut, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, orris butter, amyris wood, and tuberose absolute.
  • Undergreen founders Jerome Bonnet and Patrice Cardenoso brought in renowned perfumer Fabrice Olivieri, whom they call "a visionary nose, disobedient, who creates politically incorrect perfumes," to author their four-fragrance line. Olivieri spent years creating perfumes through the world's biggest fragrance production companies before striking out on his own and launching his independent lab in Paris. Olivieri uses cutting-edge, environmentally friendly extraction techniques to capture nature's essences. Read a  Q&A with Patrice .
  • You can't hold back nature. Yes, you might pour miles of asphalt and build concrete structures to the sky, but even blades of grass will burst through a crack in the sidewalk as proof of nature's resilience.  The Undergreen line is the perfect expression of the idea that people living in today's urban world long to reconnect with nature—and nature is all too happy to reconnect with us.  From the white flowers to the white mint, from the white flesh of coconut to the pale orris butter, Undergreen White reflects the way nature's purity can exist in perfect harmony with our modern, urban lives.