Smell Bent

Walk of Shame sample

  • This is a 2.25 ml spray sample. 

    We all know the walk of shame, right? It's the journey back home after a night of naughtiness when you're still wearing last night's clothes, practically broadcasting to the world that you slept somewhere other than your own bed. With a name like this (and those crazy pink platform heels on the bottle), you'd expect Walk of Shame to be full of that "skank" smell that hard-core perfumistas love to talk about. But in fact, Walk of Shame is a lovely meditation on iris and musk. It's chilly at first, with an unusual blast of smokey vinyl at the top, but it slowly dries into a compulsively sniffable warm-skin scent that doesn't give away last night's indiscretions. This is a night-out story that ends with no regrets. Notes include overcast skies, the chill of cold concrete, a waft of bodega blossoms, and a bit of morning-after musk. Learn more in the  Walk of Shame How to Smell guide .
  • Brent Leonesio is the creator of Smell Bent, a quirky, irreverent line of scents that explores what perfume  can  be (fun, funny, totally original, affordable) without ever betraying what it  should  be (beautifully constructed, innovative, and just plain good). Learn more about Brent's extensive line at
  • "It’s about a gloomy morning in the city. It’s about walking home in this concrete jungle and the smells of the city waking up. Maybe you’re a little elated. Maybe you're sneaking, wearing an outfit that really isn’t appropriate for seven in the morning and everybody knows what’s going on." —Brent Leonesio, Smell Bent