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    The name says it all. Yosh Han's U4EAHH! is a rush of soothing happiness, a marriage of bliss and peacefulness. It starts off with a fruity kick of sweetness from pear, balanced by tart pomegranate. Underlying the whole composition is a bed of cool, sheer green that lends a weightlessness, a sense of floating—the feeling that you're exactly where you ought to be. Notes include pomegranate, aloe vera, cucumber, pear, and water lily.
  • Yosh Han is a San Francisco-based perfumer whose work ties several ancient arts—perfumery, numerology, and reiki healing—into an ultra-modern practice. Learn more at  www.eaudeyosh.com .
  • "I wanted to create something really juicy, tart, and vivacious. It's a flirty fragrance—that perfect combination of cute and sexy." —Yosh Han