The Sum

The Gold Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    With a name like The Gold, this scent could go in many different directions, from rich, dark, and opulent to light and fizzy as champagne. The reality always stops us in our tracks: The Gold is translucently warm, lightly spiced, and make-your-knees-weak stunning. It radiates an amber glow with a deftly light hand that makes it perfect for anytime, which is why we wear it at least a few times every month, no matter the season.The Gold instantly moved to our can't-live-without list. Fun fact: The full bottle contains a tiny silver bead as a nod to the maker’s handmade jewelry line. P.S. Perfumistas rejoice: The nose behind this line is Josh Meyer of Imaginary Authors. Notes include sandalwood, Arabian jasmine, clove oil, and earth.
  • The Sum, a Los Angeles house by transformational filmmakers Lucas Chemotti & Richie Dandan.