Olfactive Studio

Still Life in Rio

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      In the niche world, where perfumers derive inspiration from just about anything these days, Olfactive Studio's approach feels perfectly pure. The perfumer receives a single photograph as inspiration for a fragrance, and in this case, the photo is of Rio de Janeiro on a golden dawn, as seen from the viewing platform of the city's iconic Corcovado statue. Perfumer Dora Baghriche turned photographer Flavio Veloso's photo into a luminous citrus with the slightest gourmand hints from rum and coconut water. Like the photo, Still Life in Rio captures the promise of a day full of light and motion. Notes include yuzu, ginger, mint, lemon, mandarin, Jamaican hot peppers, pink pepper, coconut water, Brazilian copaiba, white leather, and rum.
    • Olfactive Studio is an encounter between contemporary photography and perfumery, between the eye and the nose. This is the first time that perfumers have teamed up with photographers to draw inspiration from their work