Olympic Orchids

Siam Proun

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    Siam Proun is a radiant oriental fragrance, a Mediterranean garden atop a bright, rich, amber base. It is named after a villa in the south of France where perfumer Ellen Covey spent time with her family as a teenager, and recalls the scent of herbs and flowers carried on the seaside breeze. Siam Proun's 25% concentration is unusually high, even for pure perfume—meaning that one spray of this beautiful scent will last and last. Notes include orange blossom, bergamot, mint, lavender, rosemary, thyme, heather, yuzu, and amber.
  • Ellen Covey is a scientist who became fascinated enough with orchids to start her own orchid nursery in the Pacific Northwest—and then became fascinated enough with the scent of orchids to launch her own perfume line. Since starting Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes, Covey has won accolades for her orchid-inspired perfumes and branched out to create numerous other scents, many inspired by the places that her global travels have taken her. Read an  interview with Ellen or learn more at  www.orchidscents.com
  • When perfumer Ellen Covey was a young teenager, her family moved to the south of France—one of her mother's dreams. There, they lived in a villa called "Siam Proun," which means "we are sufficient" in Provençal. The perfume inspired by the place, Covey says, "is the scent of nostalgia for the villa’s sun-drenched terraced garden and the self-sufficient feeling that comes from growing fig trees, lemons, oranges, roses, and all of the herbs that one needs for cooking along with fresh flowers to go on the table." Years later, when her mother was ill, Covey decided to recreate the essence of that verdant Mediterranean landscape in olfactory form as a gift that would transport her mother to one of the happiest times of her life.