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    Seven is described by perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz as "soulful, meditative, and seductive." She doesn't oversell with this symphony of herbs and greens that gives way to a rich, relaxing incense note. There's a lot more happening in this scent, and we don't want to give it all away, but trust us: Sit in a quiet place, put Seven on your wrist, and clear your mind of everything but the slow unfolding of this mystical masterpiece. Notes include bergamot, basil, laurel leaf, lime peel, petitgrain, grapefruit, geranium, marjoram, sage, sandalwood, spruce, vetiver, patchouli, incense, musk, and moss. 
  • Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a niche perfumer based on Boulder, Co. She began her perfumery career in Boston's Essence Perfumery. Dawn is a prolific creator, regularly launching scents under her own line as well as aroma-artistic collaborations with the Denver Art Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and others. For more information, visit