Kerosene Fragrances

R'oud Elements

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    Because oud can be so powerful, it has a reputation as a note for sophisticated noses. So what's a new scent lover to do? Or how about the experienced nose that wants a gentler oud fit for any occasion? Enter R'oud Elements, a dry, warm, woody oud that balances the note's power with the brightness of orange bitters. R'oud Elements takes us to evening in front of a warm, red-orange fire, but it's at home anywhere. Notes include oud, cedar, sandalwood, amber, vanilla, lavender, iris, and orange bitters. 
  • From John Pegg's home an hour north of Detroit, he creates Kerosene Fragrances—approachable, unforgettable scents inspired by his surroundings and the scenes of his imagination.
  • R'oud Elements was inspired by oud, or agarwood.