S Poncet

Pleasant Promenade

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    Pleasant Promenade is a bewitching chypre reminiscent of a walk through a wild wood in the early fall. It represents a rich landscape of damp soil, sun-ripened pears, a carpet of crackling leaves, and ancient oak trees that have watched over the countless generations that have passed under their shade. Pleasant Promenade  is pleasant indeed, and its oakmossy base is also full of mystery, shrouding the memory of forest walks under the same veil of mystery as the forest itself.  Notes include cloves, pear, red berries, ancient rose, violet leaves, galbanum, oakmoss, humus, patchouli, white sandalwood, white musk, honey, amber, and labdanum. 
  • Sabine Poncet Hernandez is a French perfumer based in Chicago. After working in major perfume houses for 10 years, she decided to follow her earliest passion and create scents that celebrate the art of perfumery. She draws her inspiration from the natural world as well as works of art in other media, including her mother's paintings and sculptures. Read a  Q&A with Sabine or learn more at  www.s-poncet.com.
  • Pleasant Promenade is Sabine Poncet Hernandez's recollection of a landscape in the Loire Valley of France. Known for its old oak forests and Renaissance castles, the Loire Valley is also the home of the perfumer's ancestors. As a child, she autumn took walks with her parents among the orchards and mossy oaks of the Loire region—promenades filled with a pure, simple happiness that she remembers still. When she saw the watercolor that her mother, Claudie Poncet, had created to recall these walks, she was inspired to capture the landscape in her own medium. The handmade perfume box features Claudie Poncet's original artwork.