Ego Facto

Piège à Filles

    • Try a sample first! 

      Pierre Aulas has a habit of giving his perfumes irresistible names (remember Poopoo Pidoo, inspired by the French Betty Boop?). No exception here, as the name translates to "Girl Trap." Now, you know us: We're all about wearing fragrances to please yourself, not catch--and certainly not trap--a mate. But what is perfume without a sense of humor? Piège à Filles is a fascinating scent that showcases Aulas' skill for unusual note combinations, and we're drawn to the way the animalic cumin (rrrrrawr!) contrasts with the pretty, almondy heliotrope. It's not for the faint of heart, although it might make one faint of heart. 
      Notes include citrus, woods, cumin, heliotrope, and almond.
    • What do you get when you mix an opera aficionado with perfume? Pierre Aulas. He's the founder of Ego Facto, a delightful line conducted by Aulas and composed by some of the best noses in the world. Each scent is meant to represent the facet of a personality.  
    • Piège à Filles was inspired by the combination of feminine and masculine accords.