Kelly & Jones

Notes of Cabernet

  • Try a sample first! 

    Once upon a time, Kelly Jones committed a fragrance faux pas: She wore perfume to a wine tasting. When the winemaker called her out for interfering with the way tasters perceive the wine, Kelly had an idea: bring together this forbidden combination with a line of perfumes based on wine varietals. So she returned to her scent studio with her favorite bottles of wine, smelling and tasting until she had created blends that captured the sensorial art of each. Hold on, wine aficionados: The perfumes are not meant to smell of the wines they interpret but to complement their notes and capture their essence. Notes of Cabernet, our fall and winter favorite, does it perfectly: One whiff, and we're in a dark, candlelit wine bar where the air smells of new wood and old leather. 

    Notes include pink peppercorn, black cherry, tobacco flower, and vintage leather. 

  • Kelly Jones designs epicurean-inspired fragrances at her scent studio in the West Village of New York City. She moved to New York in 2010 from the West Coast, where she trained her nose in the vineyards of California. Learn more at
  • Notes of Cabernet was inspired by the notes of the creator's favorite cabernet.