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Not a Perfume Blending Gift Set


This is  THE  MUST HAVE, LIMITED EDITION, gift set. The Not a Perfume Blending Gift Set is perfect for experimenting, layering, and going out of your comfort zone! With its unique mono ingredient composition of Not a Perfume, you can now take it to the next level with a twist!

  Your blending set includes the following:

  • Not a Perfume 100 ml bottle of this pure, clean unadulterated, one note (cetalox) fragrance. Use it on its own or start here with your blending.
  • MMMM... 7.5 ml bottle of this gourmand fragrance embraces full-on gourmand yumminess paired with florals, woods and peppery geranium notes.
  • Lady Vengeance 7.5 ml bottle of this floral bombshell of the fragrance with notes of rose, vanilla and patchouli that reveal dark and smoky caramelized notes in the finish. 
  • Vanilla Vibes 7.5 ml bottle of this fusion of two opposites, vanilla and sea salt, perfectly combined with a sandalwood and musk drydown.