Night sample

  • In perfumery, the word "night" or "dark" in a fragrance name is usually a hint that the scent will be heavy on dark, sweet base notes. But in Night, we find the a shining beacon that cuts through a dark evening. Night, one of two all-natural debut scents from Sarabecca, sparks bright with a burst of spicy citrus in the top notes. Grassy vetiver and earthy patchouli ground Night with welcome depth, while amber and ginger keep the composition burning brightly with a warmth that keeps winter's chill away, no matter the temperatures outside. Notes include lemon, bergamot, sage, ginger, vetiver, patchouli, and amber. 
  • Kenneth Grand launched the wildly popular Alba Botanica brand of face and body care products in 1982. Today, he is the owner of Earth Science Naturals and the creative force behind the Sarabecca brand of natural perfumes. Charming fact: The name Sarabecca was inspired by Ken's daughters, Sara and Rebecca. Learn more at
  • "To my nose, most naturals rely too heavily on single notes.  I wanted to create a perfume that holds its own against the greats, regardless of source materials, that has structure and complexity, with no single dominant note."  —Ken Grand, Sarabecca