Mystery Pack | Intrigue Me

Are you daring enough to delve into a mystery? 

We all love a good surprise and why not let it be a wonderful mystery! Imagine opening your mailbox and inside you find a pillow box filled with pocket samples for you to sniff, sample, wear or dare to be different. We won't tell you what is in it when you order, but will will give you a little hint...

This Mystery Pack, Intrigue Me, is a collection of 7 pocket samples that are intriguing, mysterious and adventurous. They push the boundaries, can be layered for a multi-faceted effect or adored on their own. They are intense. They are soft. They are spicy. They are woody. And you may even find some to be aromatic and bright. However they make you feel, shake it up! Wear ones you normally wouldn't. Wear them at different times of day or night for an unexpected surprise. This mystery pack is for both men and women and leans more masculine.  

Overall Olfactive Families:  Spicy, Woody, Aromatic

Gender:  Unisex, tilts masculine

Even better, this mystery pack is fabulous for your wallet with it  being over   50% off  retail and  it   ships for only $3.65 {or free shipping over $150}! Quantities are   extremely limited, won't last long and once they are gone, they are gone! 

Are you ready to be intrigued? Or maybe you want to intrigue others?! 

*Note, these pocket sample vials may be larger in diameter than you are used to receiving from us. Therefore the fill level may appear to be less than 2.25 ml, but rest assured you are getting the full 2.25 ml. See the photos for fill levels.